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MEMCast: 6-Week Bootcamp Training, Intermittent Fasting, and Reading A-Book-A-Day

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I haven’t been on social media much (not for the reasons you’re prob thinking) because I needed to make time for a bunch of other stuff going on in the ever changing, flowing stream of Life. One of those things was to focus on a 6-week bootcamp diet & training course at the Training for Warriors in Pacifica (#TFWPacifica) gym. (I’m now in my 9th week, as of this posting.) I also started intermittent fasting, doing 16:8 (16 hours of fasting, with an eating window of 8 hours)… also, to begin an attempt to read a book a day…

You can listen to my fellow M.E.M producer, Anthony, and I ramble on our podcast, MEMCast, for about an hour and 10 min about all those things on ITunes, or use your favorite podcast app/aggregator and search for “MEMCast” and “rayhom”. Episode 48 titled “Workin on my fitness” dated March 1st, 2019. Or just follow this link:

And, a big, special thanks to Ran Cabanero for referring me to TFW, and getting me to get my ass back into some kind of shape!

My meal plan assigned to me during the 6-week bootcamp at TFW:

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