Another six month update:

I’ll be heading off to WonderCon in a few days, and visit a few friends in SoCal, next weekend from this post’s date. It will be my first Con of the new year. I may, start slowing down on the Cons, only to pursue more other interests. It won’t be a total stop, but I do have only so much time in a minute. It’s best to just watch my “tech, travel, and NerdCulture” vlogs on to fancy a follow of what my interests are.

Happened: WonderCon 2015, Another Justin’s Apartment Podcast Appearance, and SuperFight!

^Group picture above at WonderCon 2015 by Project W Production Hi, back for another post to stay in touch with the few of you that possess voyeuristic tendencies who swing by here and catch me in possible acts of typos, self-deprecation, and #nerdspeak. WonderCon 2015: Cosplayers, Cool Nerds, and Geek Culture Last time, I had spoken that I was ecstatically […]

WonderCon 2007

On Saturday, March 3, 2007, I had attended WonderCon 2007. It was my first time ever being at this event for “geeks” of scifi, horror, comics, and anime related stuff. And it was a perfect place for me to “pop my geeky cherry”…