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Happened: WonderCon 2015, Another Justin’s Apartment Podcast Appearance, and SuperFight!

^Group picture above at WonderCon 2015 by Project W Production

Hi, back for another post to stay in touch with the few of you that possess voyeuristic tendencies who swing by here and catch me in possible acts of typos, self-deprecation, and #nerdspeak.

WonderCon 2015: Cosplayers, Cool Nerds, and Geek Culture

Last time, I had spoken that I was ecstatically gettin’ ready to head off to WonderCon in Anaheim. Part of me said I’m gonna be done with Cons to make time for other types of traveling. But, this event had reignited my desire to attend more, more, moar! The next one planned is SDCC2015 again, and that’s always a big one to keep me from ever leaving #NerdCulture. Also, the latest in nerd-gasmic news is that Silicon Valley Comic-Con will be coming in 2016! I no longer have to plan exhausting trips to SoCal…

My most funnest WonderCon moments were when the event took place in San Francisco back in the days. Ever since it moved to Anaheim, I’ve always had reservations about going, as much as it’s a mini-SDCC to me. For whatever reason I can’t remember, last year was the least entertaining… I felt I may be getting burned out attending Cons. But, when I’m slamming my body full of Starbucks white chocolate mochas with whipped cream, Grande size (Jenn Powell/PilatesFun claims I’m saying that in an incorrect order) during the days and a lot of whiskey during the nights, it injects an exciting surge of productive focus on all things comics, scifi, and what’s defined as “geeky” in the pop culture world.

WonderCon 2015 still wasn’t the most exciting of my Con experiences, but I was hanging with the Justin’s Apt and Geek Say What podcasts crew, which personally validated why I love attending this stuff.

Despite witnessing some people who shouldn’t be cosplaying and lack of great comic sales, the highlight of WonderCon 2015 was that I got into the WB panel and watched what, I believe, was the first 5 minutes of Mad Max: Fury Road and a new trailer that centered around Charlize Theron’s character. I don’t care for any Avengers: Age of Ultron as much as I am geekin’ out, countin’ down the days, gonna marathon the Mad Max trilogy, as I am for Fury Road!

Anyways, here’s approximately 3 min montage of footage I shot at the event:

Another Justin’s Apartment Podcast Appearance

On the drive down (and back up) to Anaheim, with the “Empire Soundtrack” on loop, Anthony (one of the hosts of Justin’s Apt) and I exchanged a lot of nerd talk, and endless dick jokes, on various occasions waking up Willis when the words “MILF” or variations of “fuckstick” is blurted out, causin’ insane LOLs amongst ourselves. So, the thought was “how come we’re not podcasting this stuff?”

Without further ado, here’s another Justin’s Apartment podcast (ep. 20) I made as a guest appearance, with a MILFy-lovin’ Willis, during mid-WonderCon2015 trip… drunk. Description follows as:

JA – Episode #20 – WonDRUNKcon 2015.
Released: Apr 17, 2015

What’s up everyone, welcome back to another Justin’s Apartment. This is the episode where the boys, Justin (@justinmallari on Instagram) and Anthony (@murseant) take a trip to Anaheim for WonderCon 2015. They are joined by some repeat guests, Willis Lai (from episode 6, find him at http://projectwproduction.com) and Ray Hom (from episode 7, find him at http://RayHom.com). And in the background somewhere, is Anthony’s uncle, Robert Olarte (@ilocano8rice and at http://RobertOlarte.weebly.com).

You can access the podcast at:

Skybound’s SuperFight!

I didn’t find much sales for comics at WonderCon 2015. (My dream is to have Robert Kirkman sign a couple of hardbound Walking Dead Compendiums, but that still ain’t happened.) But, the podcasts guys introduced me to a “Cards Against Humanity“-like card game called “SuperFight!,” which I ended up buying an entire set at the Con. (I do miss the days of RPG and table-top gaming.) It is a game where you draw from the pile a character with power attributes and, literally, argue your scenario why your character can defeat your opponents. It’s as geeky as it sounds, but also as fun as it sounds! Esp. when alcohol is involved. I had a couple of sessions, including during the GoT S5 premiere. It’s become a big party hit that helps me keep friends, while playing as enemies.

I apologize, if this read rushed… but I have to keep this short because I’ve been #nerdbusy lately but just wanted to catch-up with the few of y’all. No Cons this weekend, but if you’re around the Bay Area, visit my comic book artist buddy, Steven Yu, at Big Wow! ComicFest in San Jose (booth AA439), as he’s promoting his new shirt artwork. I’m gettin’ back to Facebook, Tweeting, and Instagram for now because…

After having done binge-ing Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix (it’s what a superhero story should be! Check it out!)… I am gettin’ ready to go off to L.A. this weekend (again). No, unfortunately, it’s not for attending the Star Wars Con (though, the urge did cross my thoughts). Plus, I didn’t get my hands on some falcon tickets. On the contrary, I’m goin’ back to SoCal for the celebration of my good buddy, Clint‘s BDay, and he’s turning… *beeeeeeppp*

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