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The X-Clan

In light of the recent passing of Lumumba Carson (Professor X the Overseer of X-Clan), I’ve take it upon myself to seek X-Clan videos, interviews, and other notable online appearances. Although, there were mounds and mounds of stuff about the group and the Blackwatch Movement, thanks to YouTube.com, it has made it convenient. Some of this stuff is utterly rare, so it jogs a sense of nolstalgia for me.

X-Clan, Professor X the Overseer, & The Blackwatch Movement
The Blackwatch Movement

I grew up on X-Clan‘s music, and I’m still inspired by how ahead of their time they were. There was something about their music that seemed beyond the basics of “Black Nationalism”. I’ve always found pleasure in Brother J’s and Professor X’s voice with their spoken words. And the group members have evolved with every move they did as hip-hop artists, as well as individuals. Eminem referred to Brother J as a “confident lyricist”. I’ve always indulged myself in interviews with the likes of conscious artists like Wise Intelligent, KRS-One, and Chuck D. You can spend hours listening to them manipulate the art of conversation. But, Brother J recently, has a lot of good stuff to say… the skill of mind and words. “The music travels…”

Brother J & The X-Clan: Heed The Word of the Brother

X-Clan – Funkin’ Lesson


X-Clan – Fire & Earth

Professor X – Close the Crackhouse (feat. Brother J, Wise Intelligent, Big Daddy Kane, Digital Underground, Ex-Girlfriend, Chuck D, Mickey Jarrett, Freedom Williams, 2 Kings In A Cypher)


Isis – Rebel Soul

Isis – The Power Of Myself Is Moving

Queen Mother Rage – Slippin’ Into Darkness


Professor X The Overseer – Black Boot Stomp

Other notable X-Clan news online

Vibes of the Pro Black: A Conversation With Brother J. of X-Clan
Anti-Thug.com interview with Brother J
At The Crossroads: A Conversation With Brother J Following The Transition of Professor X
Professor X was Vanglorious!! by Wendy Day

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This is protected by the Red, the Black and the Green.
At the Crossroads. With a Key!

– Professor X, The Overseer

The Blackwatch Movement

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