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My buddy Robert ‘Guru’ Gee has put up a site at GeeCentral.com. Check it out. I wrote a little something about the summer films of 2001 I’ve seen in the review section of the forum and I will reprint it here for your convenience. But do check out Rob Gee’s Site

What I’ve saw recently and why the hell I did…
– ray hom, 8/14/01

It has been a somewhat of an interesting film-fest — without much porn involved — for the summer of 2001. I’ll quickly give a brief review of what I’ve seen recently that I would like to mention on here GBob’s Phreaky Phugghin’ Philm Phorum. I will use the Dlulu rating system (hopefully she won’t mind):

<?> = What were people thinking when they made this movie
<$> = This movie sucked! It was a waste of my time and money
<$$> = I’d rather rent it on video
<$$$> = Not good but not bad
<$$$$> = Pretty good!
<$$$$$>= A well done movie!

American Pie 2 <$$$$> – SEX can be such an amusing topic. This 2nd outing follows Jim and his horn-dawgs on the same mission to get laid but it lacks the strength of a plot like the first one did. But it’s still hilarious just watching what people get into when they’re horny….

Rush Hour 2 <$$$$> – I had no clue what the plot of this movie was, nor did I give a clue to figure it out. But Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker have good chemistry no matter what they get themselves into. Just watching them interact with each other or their encountering foes/friends is worth the time to laugh your ass off. I actually liked this one more than the first! NOTE: During the Masseuse scene, see if you can notice which girl is Natasha Yi. It heightens the horniness of the movie.

Planet Of The Apes <$$$$> – This movie doesn’t say much that hasn’t been said before — enslavement of a species, evolution of the planet, perception of beliefs, etc., etc., etc. But I found it quite interesting in how hardwork was put into creating the Ape culture. In observation, it’s intriguing how absurd Man seems in his arrogance of his place in this Time or the next. Such primitive creatures we are… especially when we’re horny.

Shrek <$$$$> – This movie was quite short running at only an hour and 15 min. but it was hilarious in its witty take on the animation world of Disney and classic fairy tales. The basic plot revolves around Shrek’s mission to save the princess. Basically, Shrek’s horniness is his motivation in this movie.

Baby Boy <$$$$$> – Tyrese (surpisingly he can act!) plays a young man growing up in South Central LA at odds in what it means to be a “man”. Self-responsibility in dealing with the opposite sex is a major theme running throughout this John Singleton feature. So, there are a few nicely filmed, horny, sex scenes in the movie. Check it out!

Pearl Harbor <$$> – This movie was so badly over-hyped, I couldn’t find much redeeming value in it’s overblown 3 hour length run. The only thing that I can say positively about this film is that for about 30 min. in the middle of the film, there is a well-made, well-filmed “attack on Pearl Harbor” scene. Otherwise, the beginning and end parts which bookends the mindless plot of Pearl Harbor gives the impression that some people can’t write anything beyond a scene where things blow up — leaving this movie teaches you nothing about what was Pearl Harbor really about. (It was even criticized for being historically inaccurate but that’s another topic.) There was nothing horny about this movie… not even a struggling limp…

My Video Pick of the Moment:
The Hughes Brothers’ American Pimp <$$$$$> – This is a well, well-made documentary about what the science of Pimp-ology is. Subjective in it’s topic, this film gives a human voice to the lives of people who make money off sex. If you have already made a morale choice of what Pimping is without watching this film, you have shortchanged your views. I highly recommend this because it’s extremely horny! At least topic wise…

The next film I’m looking forward to is Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back! The 5th installment in the Kevin Smith New Jersey series… come back for a review!

ray hom,

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