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“Imagine the Creator as a stand up comedian –
and at once the world becomes explicable.”
– H.L. Mencken, U.S. Editor and Critic

Welcome back to those who have survived thus far in the process of evolution…So, today begins the first day of my next 5 years… until August 29, 2008. What is so significant of this date? And where am I going? Well, exactly ten years ago, today, I had written my first physical journal entry… and in that entry, I had written “What would I be like 10 years from now?” Back then, 10 years seemed so far away. Now, I’m kinda freaked out that it had arrived so quickly. And, I have to answer the question, “Where am I today?” *shrug* Well, I can talk about my friends, books, or my health… but, if I had to pick any one thing that’s significant, it is my writing ability. It’s what made me. I reflect on all my emails, my stories, my essays… my journals… my personal letters… they’re what aided in helping me strengthen my friendships, chart my health, and be literate to this world. The power of living by the pen…

And what is the significance of the next five years? Well, I’ll be 35 by its end… that’s the age, for most,that mid-life crisis begins to set in. And I’m gonna make sure that mentality will not be part of my lifestyle. I see too many others worry about getting older, while I would prefer to contemplate about getting wiser.

And if I had come to understood anything at this point in life is that I’ve become very conscious of my own actions. I consider myself an observant person (I enjoy watching what the extras are doing in the background of a film and I am mindful of the weirdo loners who sit in the corner of the coffee shop exuberating bizarre mannerisms. You learn so much about human nature by doing so.) And being conscious of yourself in relation to your surroundings is what frees you from a lot of the restrictions life has placed on you since birth. (And that is when you also make the conscious will to take responsibility for yourself. Unless, you lie to yourself a lot. Then you’re fucked there.) That’s the difference, I believe, between a predestined life and free-will. We were all born ignorant. It’s rebelling against that ignorance that determines your fate, I hope. Otherwise, we’re just a bunch of buffoons who will become victims of evolution, instead of being victors over our own becoming.

“Good at the game of trick-nology/
But I have Knowledge of Myself/
you’re not fooling me.”
– Brand Nubian, Wake Up

So, I will be indulging most of my time building on my web programming knowledge by working a career path towards game programming… or computer programming in general. With a specific emphasis on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). I don’t know why, but I have this strong interest in the integration of Man & Machine… I truly believe that evolution will eventually bring the both together for the betterment of human existence. Didn’t mean to sound like I was playing prophet here…In the meanwhile, check out my brother Stan Hom’s character animation work for Electronic Arts: Lord of the Rings: Return Of The King. He’s responsible for creating the main characters of the game. Yes, he’s part of the game-making process. There are those that play the games, capture screen shots for the games, or even package the games. But, my brother, makes the games! Don’t accept no substitutes, no fronters, or wannabes!

Book recommend time! Well, let me begin with a personal, historical footnote: Y’all know that my love for hip-hop music came to be because of my coming-of-age during its “intellectual” era (late 80s/early 90s). During that era was the group Boogie Down Productions lead by Kris Parker, more popularly know as KRS-One (Knowledge Reigns Supremely Over Nearly Everyone). Next to Chuck D of Public Enemy, Kris was the other hip-hop artist intellectuals would, to this day, refer to as influencing “positively” the minds of the youth. And KRS-One was one of my greatest influences.Every time I would walk into a bookstore (the true church that frees the human soul), I jokingly ask myself when will Kris Parker ever write a book, as I browse around not expecting an answer to my question. Until last month… And, lo and behold, I saw a book sitting on a shelf with the author’s name of KRS-One entitled Ruminations. This is a collection of essays involving his thoughts about, of course, life subjects of self-empowerment, hip-hop, philosophy, etc. There’s a couple of chapters that cover the topic of “reparations for slavery” I found interesting because Kris actually gives 3 points-of-his-own-views on the subject (for, against, other). Even though I consider KRS-One a personal hero of mines, I’ve never agreed with everything he had to say. What’s intriguing is the fact that reading or listening to him engages my mind… like, at least, this person isn’t boring… he’s not necessarily here to make me feel better… but he helps in making me learn to find my own ways to not be alienated to the world we live in. And that there are giant minds that walk this earth. And that’s enough to make me feel better. The book also includes a CD of his lectures at colleges hosted by Cornel West. If you are into this stuff, check it out. Otherwise, the next topic — unless you are an ugly person, inside and out — may interest you…

“Beauty in things exists in the mind
which contemplates them.”
– David Hume, Scottish Philosopher

While impatiently anticipating the 3rd Season of The Shield, FX has this new TV drama series that’s interesting enough to catch my eye. It’s called Nip/Tuck. I know sometimes I indulge a bit too much about the “intellect” of my fellow humans, but it intrigues me even more when the topic is of what it means to be “good-looking”… There are those insecure “haters” who simply brush off physical attraction as a shallow element of the human emotion. Yet, we give out flattering considerations like “Damn, she’s fucken fine!”, “so-and-so is soooooo cute”, and “Her daughter is very pretty.” And, we also can’t be rude in appreciation of others complimenting on our own appearances, or if others do a double-take, or even outright stare. Again, there must be a balance of the external with the internal here, right? If we weren’t such a sexy species, would we be attractive enough to be immortalized in paintings, billboards, and film? “So, tell me. What don’t you like about yourself?”I do hope to gather enough thoughts one day and write a book about the philosophy of Beauty. But, in relation of such a possibility someday, I’m reading this new philosophical inquiry called Speaking Of Beauty. It’s a scholary-languaged book about “how we talk about beauty.” I just started reading it, so I will have to give an opinion about it later on.

Anyways, check out Nip/Tuck. Normally, I don’t vegetate in front of the idiot box too much, but I guiltily admit, I enjoy a rerun of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and an episode of Stripperella once in awhile…

Yes, peoples, I am promoting a cultured mind… And for those minority few who don’t know what I’m talkin’ about at times, how the fuck did you read this far?Have a good labor day weekend.

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