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Met Asa Akira, again!

I had met Asa Akira earlier this year at AVN 2014. It was brief, and just a quick signing and a pic. Today, I went with Jerry to The Hundreds in San Francisco to line-up to meet Asa for a signing of her autobio book. I was surprised how many Asian Americans were in line, a lot of youngins and largely Asian females too!

While waiting in line, Jerry was interviewed on why he’s a fan.
Unsure when or where it will air, or prob gonna be some YouTube production by The Hundreds.
Asa Akira arriving a little bit late for her signing at The Hundreds in San Francisco.
But we were patient.

I don’t think I really said much to her, tho. Was too nervous, where I just mumbled something about being a fan.

Asa Akira signed my copy of her book,”Insatiable”. And that makes me happy.

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