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Perfect Pair (Pear) Photography; Interview w/Maggie Lee; Interviewed by Chinese TV; The Shield

The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hi! Just a few things to mention for the time being…

Perfect Pair Photography

Perfect Pair Photography is Petrina Cooper & Cristina Rivera. They are photographers who are specialized in creating memories for weddings. Visit the website I created for them at PerfectPairPhotography.com for great examples of their work. If you or someone you know is getting married and would like to acquire their services, let them know that ray sent ya… thanks!

I recently interviewed Maggie Lee on AsianMall.com. She’s a Chinese-American singer hailing from Orlando, Florida, if y’all didn’t know. At only the age of 19 now, she seems ambitious and determined in pursuing her artistic career with full support from her parents. Which is a damn rarity among Asian-Americans. (Not to point any fingers!) But, it’s all good, you do what you love and the money will eventually follow… hopefully. You can learn more about her at MaggieLee.com. Well, check out my interview with her on AsianMall.com by clicking here.

Very late breakin’ news… last mid-December 2002 me and Jerry was featured on the Chinese Television News explaining why Net surfers, like you ppls out there, are still shopping online and keeping us web-working folks still in business. It was also a shameless promotion for the Christmas season of The Dragonball Z Specialty Store, The Sailor Moon Specialty Store, Japanimation.com JSTORE, and, of course, AsianMall.com.

I’ve been subtitled. Just buy our shit!

The ShieldIf you’ve slept on the new TV Series The Shield on FX, shame on you! This sick-as-fuck police drama will hopefully bring back the television as a possible medium to deliver the “good stuff”. If this show doesn’t get any Emmy nominations, then it will live up to it’s subtitle about justice. With 7 episodes aired so far, I’ve been glued to the set because of the superior writing and acting skills displayed by the show. The characters aren’t your typical good guy/bad guy cardboard cutouts. Each of them carry their own set of moral baggage. What is truly right or truly wrong in this TV show becomes a blur in this world riddled with crime. And you truly feel for the characters dilemma in the choices they make… even if it may test what we consider to be morally right at times. Being human ain’t easy… Since The X-Files has finally dried up and will exit its final season this June, I’m ecstatic that there was something on the idiot box to replace my rare enthusiasm to press the ON button of my remote as well as setting the VCR to record. Highly recommended… check it out!

Well, until we speak again, I will continue on my quest to attain high Wisdom by hopefully someday marrying Sung Hi Lee

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